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Artist, professional, intuitive healer, sacred kink & reiki practitioner

Are you seeking sexual liberation? Are you an aspiring Domme looking to learn or  enhance the skills of the industry? Maybe you are new to kink and seeking a safe professional to help guide you in the process of discovery or building confidence? Or maybe you have experience and are looking to indulge in a new kinky experience?

There are so many reasons why you may be seeking professional services. Remove the social stigma that may be preventing you from taking a step towards a positive experience. I am a safe place. Whether you are Submissive or Dominant I look forward to working with you.

 As an Artist, professional, and intuitive healer I enjoy creating detailed ritual and kink scenes that will indulge all the senses. Each session is uniquely planned for each individual client or couple. I assist my clients in taking action towards kink discovery and healing  by using role play as a way to introduce new positive sexual experiences. I also help  individuals and couples learn new kink skills, build sexual confidence,and heal  from past wounds. I also enjoy hosting experienced kinksters wanting to indulge in a new experience. It is an absolute joy of mine to share my skills and knowledge with aspiring Dommes.

I am available for in person and online sessions involving  kink/bdsm and, or spiritual bdsm/ritual kink sessions. Sessions will be thoroughly planned  and guided by me with your specific needs and desires in mind.  I will lead us deeply into your costume experience. From role play, impact play,  spiritual bdsm, and bondage, every session will be a fusion of desired experiences. Whatever fills the void, I am capable of overflowing. .

Be sure to also check out the DNA Parties tab for upcoming art shows and epic parties hosted by me and the lovely Damascena!




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