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 I value  honesty, respect, and vulnerability. As a survivor of sexual abuse and trauma, spirituality and kink/bdsm has helped me heal past wounds, overcome fears, and eliminate crippling insecurities. These valuable tools also aided in helping me find inner peace, reinvent myself, and transform my life. Having been a submissive in the past allows me to relate to my clients and their fears and inner conflicts more deeply. I have experienced neglect and mistreatment as a submissive, now as a professional dominatrix and intuitive healer it is my calling to share my healing gifts with those in need.


I assist my clients in taking action towards discovering kink safely, help them build sexual confidence, assist  in their journey towards sexual liberation and sometimes healing sexual wounds. I do all of this by using role play, kink, and bdsm as a way to introduce new positive sexual experiences and advance skills, experience, and confidence.

If you are interested in scheduling a session take some time to thoughtfully  fill out the form under the 'sessions form'  tab above. 

I truly enjoy my job as a dominatrix. Leading clients into subspace, making them feel safe, and seeing them feel confident and fulfilled brings me so much joy, because of that I am always willing to experiment and try new things with my clients, it's also exciting for me! 


 Below is a list of kinks I indulge in regularly:


Rope and Bondage

Role play



Age play

Pet play


Impact play

Consensual nonconsent




Foot Worship



Tease and denial



Breath play


Sensation play

Sensual Domination

Water Sports

Human Furniture 

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