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Empower Goddess Autumn's Healing Vision

Hello! My name is Goddess Autumn. I am raising funds for my 200 hour yoga teacher training that begins October 4th.


Yoga has always been a passion and tool of healing for me. I use to believe that I wasn’t capable or good enough to become an instructor. As I continue to heal and grow I am removing those false truths from my life. Taking my power back, accomplishing my goals, and living my wildest dreams.


I am a massage therapist, reiki practitioner, scared sexuality coach, intuitive healer, and artist. It is not just work for me, it is my calling and my passion.


My vision is to bring yoga into my practice of healing and intertwining that with energy work, moon ceremonies, somatic movement, and sacred sexuality to help others connect more deeply with their mind body and spirit.


I am sincerely grateful.



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